Entries from January 2012

Do users resize their browser windows?

When looking at a responsively designed site in your desktop browser, it’s impossible to resist resizing the browser window in and out, watching the layout respond as you do. It’s an impressive way to demonstrate responsive design, but it is really relevant? How many users actually resize their browser window whilst viewing your site (other […]

Responsive images in HTML

Developers working with responsive web design have a problem: <img> tags. You can put an <img> in your markup and img {max-width: 100%} in your CSS, and the image will display as you want on small and large viewports, scaling to the width of its container. However, if your image has large dimensions like 800px […]

Content management, markup and doing it wrong

Mark Perkins, following up on his tweet about how content management systems should leave the markup to you: …a CMS should exist to provide a nice way to store structured data, map URLs to some kind of template/page and give you access to the data stored within it via some sort of templating language. Does […]

White House Response to SOPA Petition

The White House has sent this response to me and everyone else who signed the anti-SOPA petition I mentioned recently. It’s one of those long statements that doesn’t actually say all that much. Except: Any effort to combat online piracy must guard against the risk of online censorship of lawful activity and must not inhibit […]

Build and Analyze #59: Premium Products

A particularly good episode of Build & Analyze this week, including a little section about code comments during which I found myself nodding in agreement with Marco — well-written code generally won’t need commenting. Looking back at some code I’ve written this week, all of the comments are not stating what the code does, but […]

Months and years

Jeremy Keith outlining a technique thought up by Luke Wroblewski for dealing with some new HTML input types: That was an angle I hadn’t thought of. Usually when I’m implementing new HTML5 input types (like input type=”number”) I put the new type in the markup and then try to come up with JavaScript polyfills for […]

A Fix for the iOS Orientationchange Zoom Bug

Remember the iOS scale bug? That hero Scott Jehl has cracked it. This fix works by listening to the device’s accelerometer to detect when an orientation change is about to occur. When it deems an orientation change imminent, the script disables user zooming, allowing the orientation change to occur properly, with zooming disabled. The script […]

December with the Nokia Lumia 800

Joe Mathewson reviewing the Nokia Lumia 800, a new phone running Windows Phone Mango, from a very non-reviewer-like point of view, as he’s actually bought one on a two year contract. It’s mostly positive, especially where the OS is concerned, and that makes me optimistic about the future of the platform (except the name “Windows […]